Making health care better through tech

We use the latest technology to offer healthcare to more people

At Doctegrity, we provide telehealth primary care that is affordable and accessible for everyone. Our innovative technology means that you don’t have to waste time and money traveling to a doctor’s office. Instead, you can access all the care you need through our easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps.


Innovative technology
Top quality doctors

Our team is comprised of experienced medical professionals and is powered by the latest innovations in healthcare and technology. We design everything with you in mind and work with leading medical experts to improve the affordability and accessibility of healthcare.

Our technology is available for both individuals and companies, allowing more people access to affordable healthcare.

Our Core Values


Solution Centered

We strive to innovate and grow by adapting and overcoming different challenges. Always with a positive mindset.


Service with empathy

We strive to make impactful decisions to ensure that we continue to make healthcare accessible to as many people as possible.


Commitment to members

We’ve made it our mission to listen and understand the needs of our members so they have the best online health care experience at an affordable price.

We offer access to doctors whenever you need them. With no copays, additional fees, or surprise bills. One subscription gives you and your family unlimited access to our team of online primary care doctors and certified telehealth therapists.