Cross-Border Telemedicine: How Does It Work?

One can’t deny the medical advantages of high-income countries over low- and middle-income countries. However, the disparity even within wealthy nations can prove extreme as well. Underserved communities in these countries often struggle to access the life-saving medical services available to their well-off neighbors. This inequity has led to an increasing interest in cross-border telemedicine … Read more

Utilizing Telehealth Platforms: Understanding Advances in Telehealth Technology

The past few years have taught many people all around the world the value of telehealth platforms in making healthcare accessible. With the social distancing demands of Covid-19, patients and doctors have had to find new ways to have medical visits. Telehealth, an already up-and-coming field, came to the rescue. In fact, telehealth care visits … Read more

Shopping for Telehealth Benefits: A Buying Guide for Employers

Covid-19 has shaken up our lives in nearly every respect over the past few years. So much shifted online that was previously unimaginable—family get-togethers, interviews, whole work offices, even doctor’s appointments! The rise of telehealth and the discovery of its potential benefits is one of the more surprising developments of the Covid era, but as … Read more

Telehealth Benefits and Challenges: Increasing Employee Engagement and Utilization

Telehealth provides fast, convenient care that’s more affordable than a visit to the doctor’s office. Like any healthcare option, telehealth comes with its own challenges, but the benefits make it more than worth it for both employers and employees. Why, then, are some companies still on the fence about How Is Utilization Tied to Costs? … Read more

How Telehealth Services Are Helping Employees and Employers

The convergence of digital communication and medical care is transforming healthcare in the workplace. Thanks to a surge in telehealth services in recent years, affordable care is now available and accessible 24/7. It’s no surprise then that telehealth has become an increasingly popular choice for employees, employers, and medical professionals alike! Telehealth services benefit both … Read more

How Telehealth Companies Can Provide Cost Savings for Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans

As hybrid workplaces become more and more prevalent, the effects will keep rippling across all aspects of the business world. This includes healthcare providers, many of whom have joined telehealth companies and now offer remote services as part of their plans. This fits perfectly into the growing trend of hybrid workplaces, where some employees work … Read more