How To Protect Kids From Poisonous Substances

During National Poison Prevention Week, organizations and agencies across the United States promote public awareness about the dangers of accidental poisonings, particularly among children. This includes providing educational resources such as tips for safe medication storage and disposal, poison prevention checklists for the home, and first aid tips for poison exposure.

The theme for National Poison Prevention Week changes each year, with recent themes including “Children Act Fast… So Do Poisons,” “Poisoning is Preventable,” and “Protect Your Family from Poison.” The week serves as an opportunity for individuals, healthcare providers, and organizations to come together to promote poison prevention and safety.

Through increased awareness and education, National Poison Prevention Week aims to help individuals recognize potential poison hazards in the home and take steps to prevent accidental poisonings. This includes keeping potentially hazardous substances out of reach of children, properly labeling and storing medications and chemicals, and seeking immediate medical attention in the event of a poisoning emergency.

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